About our environmental packaging

About our environmental packaging

About our environmental packaging

31 May 2020

New products of 2020

We have new products - twisted paper handles, new paper bags with handles

twisted paper handles

Twisted handles are a new modern type of product that is in demand. Our products meet European quality standards and the appropriate form, which contributes to the marketing of any product in quality and environmentally friendly packaging.


22 January 2019

New products of 2019

paper bags with handles 1

We have new products - flat handles, new paper bags with handles








22 January 2019

New products

мішки для вугілля 1

We have new products - bags for coal, bags for restaurants and supermarkets


08 July 2016

Bag for coal `Ledocol`

Паперові пакети і мішки для вугілля. Ледокол

The feature of the bag "Ledocol" is the quality label in 4 colors + strengthening of the bottom, in this bag passed a test of strength (photo is filled bag 5 kg.), At the declared weight of the bag of 1,5 kg. The bag was tested with a weight of 7 kg. And he keeps on rumbling. In addition, the prices for these bags are very affordable.

08 July 2016

Paper packages

Paper bags with flat bottom and multicolor printing - elite of paper packaging. Few of us know that this kind of package was invented by Luther Crowell in the far 1870s and the package material - the paper was invented by Tsai Lun in the ancient 105th century AD.

Паперові пакети з пласким дном і багатоколірним друком


Kraft packages are the main package for flour of various grades, ranging from 0.5 kg and up to 25 kg. In packets with a flat bottom packed cereals (famous oatmeal), sugar, salt, malt.
Paper packages with a window - a unique package that allows the buyer to look inside, without violating the integrity of the package.

08 July 2016

A brief history of the paper package

Paper packages Despite the fact that the paper was known for a long time, it was not used as packaging because of its high cost and manufacturing complexity. In those days, cotton, leather or jute bags were used to store loose products.

And only at the beginning of the XVIII century, due to the rapid development of the paper industry in Europe, the cost of paper fell to such an extent that it became advantageous to use paper as packaging material ...