About our environmental packaging

About our environmental packaging

About our environmental packaging

Paper packages

Paper bags with flat bottom and multicolor printing - elite of paper packaging. Few of us know that this kind of package was invented by Luther Crowell in the far 1870s and the package material - the paper was invented by Tsai Lun in the ancient 105th century AD.

Паперові пакети з пласким дном і багатоколірним друком

Kraft packages are the main package for flour of various grades, ranging from 0.5 kg and up to 25 kg. In packets with a flat bottom packed cereals (famous oatmeal), sugar, salt, malt.

Paper packages with a window - a unique package that allows the buyer to look inside, without violating the integrity of the package.

Laminated paper packages - allow you to pack in them such products as ice cream, dumplings, vareniks, ravioli, pancakes and the entire line of frozen semi-finished products.

Large paper packages (open-top bags) - intended for packaging of coal, mixed fodders, vermicelli, macaroni, seeds of plants, hygiene of cats, etc.

Multilayer paper packages (bags) - Ideal for packing of dry building mixtures, gypsum, alabaster, lime.

Take-away packages (fast-pack packages) are an indispensable attribute for big cities.

Shopping packages - the dream of every woman - carry in their hands a large number of such packages with purchases from expensive boutiques.